De colonization

From decolonization to deconditioning,

From political realm to biological realm...

Decolonization falls within the cognitive framework of the colonizer thus is constrained and directs its very process and misconstructs its purpose. The very need for decolonization stems from the fact that we are already within the worldview of the colonizer. Since we are born into the ‘cultural’ space constructed by the colonizer out default thinking becomes within their framework.

The search within the context of decolonization dictates and constraints the exploration to stay within the framework of politics and doesn’t allow one to go deeper aspects of knowledge. It also has never addressed the aesthetic colonization and the colonization of body and denial of authentic experience as an integral aspect of decolonization.

The present attempts in decolonization forces the colonized stay only within the historical context which is also constructed by the colonizer. So, half the time gets wasted in finding the ‘correct’ history which one may not find. The very notion of history as is understood today is a modern construct.

In today’s context, within the context of academics it has become quite fashionable to discuss about decolonization as the colonizer himself is talking about colonization. It is not surprising as the process within modernity is to misappropriate and mislead. This is the most absurd situation to be in. For most people the colonized mindset has been fully imbibed so much so that they think it is natural to live on the knowledge of the colonizer and feeling of inferiority has become what they are.

The very nature of decolonization is rooted in the cultural premise of ‘modernity’ or the colonizer and misses the most important aspects regarding knowledge which are 1. The context where knowledge is created (Institutions as the space for creation of knowledge and not community) 2. The content which is taken out of context and codified and not the real-life situation which becomes the context for knowledge creation, 3.the very process of knowledge creation (from creation of knowledge to analysis of readymade knowledge) and finally 4. the very purpose of knowledge creation (from existential to job market).

From this point of view almost all aspects of the cognitive system (purpose, context, condition, content, process, tools, qualities, abilities, process and structure) need to be relooked at if a real exploration into the process of decolonization has to happen.

Beauty needs to be readdressed as an integral aspect of the formation of our social consciousness within this context.

But how?