The Importance of Beauty

Sandra Lubarsky, Ph.D. has spent most of her years as a university professor and administrator bringing sustainability into the curriculum and into campus activities. She founded one of the first graduate programs in sustainability, the M.A. in Sustainable Communities, at Northern Arizona University and chaired the Department of Sustainable Development at Appalachian State University. She has been an innovator in higher education, integrating theory with hands-on education, making the community the classroom, creating transdisciplinary courses, and introducing beauty as a subject of importance. Sandra serves as President of Flagstaff College.

Toward a Beauty-centric Education


Workshop organized by Multiversity in Goa

sensing nature; knowing nature is a unique workshop held in a traditional potters village Aruvacode, in Kerala from 2003 till 2010 with their children. The results of the workshop was so astounding that it put a challenge to the modern schooling system altogether. The workshop was conducted for two months during the school holidays in Aruvacode, Nilambur. Even though I had started working with children from 1993 itself it was only in 2003 that I began to pay more attention to the creativity and aesthetic sense development in children and work systematically to get an insight of the same.

The idea behind the workshop was initiate a process of observation of their context. The activities were designed to enable the children to become totally aware of their surroundings and then reproduce them with the materials provided. See the blog for details

Thanima 1 Keynote by Laila Tayabji

Thanima is a conference series, initiated by the Architecture department at NIT, Calicut, IIA, Calicut Centre and EKF (Existential Knowledge Foundation), Pune in order to initiate a search, re search regarding authenticity, originality and cultural rootedness as a response to the increasing tendency for homogenization of our aesthetic sensibilities and mechanization of life. Even though initiated among architects and designers this issue is valid for everyone who has been conned by ‘modernity’.

The process was initiated in 2014 and the first conference was held in January 2015 the second in February 2017 and the third in March 2020