Unself-conscious actions stem from life itself and the human beings just becomes the conduits for things to manifest. Children and rural tribal non literate people seem to be in this kind of being-ness. Hence what they create is spontaneous, creative and beautiful.

It appears that the vernacular is not about materials but about something in the being-ness of the people.

They are continuously responding to materials that come in their way, both aesthetically and innovating new ways of doing.

In a way doing very little or a feeling of letting things be with no effort to control.

We miss this because we are trained to see the product or at best the process but never the people behind and their effortless action. Nor do we have any experiential reference to understand due to our regimented ‘schooling’.

Above all this is it possible for us to imbibe these qualities and enable the students to acquire ‘indigenous-ness’? Is it possible to work with the ‘vernacular’ with total respect to initiate a new way of engaging with them?